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As a valid member you can view all clips online as well you can download all of them. To view a clip fullscreen right-click into the video and select Fullscreen. For download right-click into the playing (!) video and select Save or Save under.

We offer several pricing options with different values:

A non-recurring 30 day membership for a one-time fee of 24.90

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A membership includes free streaming of all our clips as well as the option to download them. The same for all our picture-galleries.

We update minimum two times a week. Most of the time up to three or four times a week.

Yes they do! HTML5 (the streaming format used while viewing our website) is supported across all computer platforms. Video downloads are served as MP4 files and are playable through QuickTime, iTunes (including iPod and iPhone) as well as newer versions of Windows Media Player.

We encode the videos at the best quality possible but most importantly our videos play on a world-wide content delivery network known as a CDN. Although other factors are involved like connection speed and power of the computer, the greatest factor for viewing video is the distance you are located from the server it plays from. We provide the highest quality experience regardless of your location since our video content utilizes this worldwide CDN. Rather than trying to view a large video file that is on an old server i.e. in New York while you are somewhere in Europe, our CDN makes it possible for you to view the video over the network using the most powerful servers available. Beyond that our videos are DVD quality and can be played at different sizes as well as full screen, however please note that we’ve been producing videos since 2002, so some of the older videos will be of lesser quality.

Our entire content is DRM free. You may download all clips as well as any of the zipped photo sets.

No. PayPal does not process payments for adult sites.

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We offer a choice of both recurring and a non-recurring billing option.

Please go to the CCBill support page here; There are options there to cancel your account. Your password will remain active until the end of your membership term, but you will not be billed again (if you signed up for recurring billing).

Yes 100% Secure. All of our transactions are processed by CCBill. CCBill has been processing millions of online transactions each year since 1998 using the latest encryption technology with 128-bit strong encryption. Our company has been using CCBill with no problems since 2002.

The easiest way is to refer back to the confirmation email you received from our processor, CCBill. If you don’t have that, go to the CCBill support page and look up your transaction to see when you signed up. CCBill also has a 24 hour help line at: 1-888-596-9279 or 1-480-449-7751.

All payments are processed by CCBill. If you contact them via their website, they will be able to answer your question. Please go to the CCBill support page here:

The site automatically displays videos and photo sets by the most recent updates and chronologically sorts them that way back to the earliest ones available. You can find a video or photoset by using the search located at the top of the pages or using the categories and other search functions on the right side of most pages. You can also try browsing by tag or categories.

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