All of our transactions are processed by CCBill. CCBill has been processing millions of online transactions each year since 1998 using the latest encryption technology with 128-bit strong encryption. Our company has been using CCBill with no problems since 2002. Your transaction will appear on your Cardholder statement as *PLAN BEE – M.

 First choose please to pay by credit card or EU-Debit (billing your bank account), make your selection. Then enter your desired username (5 – 8 characters max.) and a valid (!!!) email-address and click REGISTER. After that you will be redirect to CCBill to complete your order. If successful you will get your login right away and an email as well with the login und the subsription-ID for your records.

Attention: Because of CCBill (our paymentprovider) choose your username min. 5 / max. 8 characters long !!!

Basic (Credit Card) - 24.90 USD per 30 days - for 1 time.
Basic (Billing Bankaccount) - 24.90 EUR per 30 days - for 1 time.
Abonnement (Credit Card) - 19.90 USD per 30 days - Ongoing.
Abonnement (Billing Bankaccount) - 19.90 EUR per 30 days - Ongoing.
Premium (Credit Card) - 89.90 USD per 180 days - for 1 time.
Premium (Billing Bankaccount) - 89.90 EUR per 180 days - Ongoing.